What is the Toefl exam?

English is a necessary language in all cultures, it is the language that interconnects and provides better opportunities for people. The Toefl exam means Test Of English as a Foreign Language consists of a test that certifies the proficiency of the English language.

The Toefl exam is a professional way to show proficiency in the English language, this test is recognized worldwide that show that the person who is certified is comfortable with the language and masters it in its entirety.

Why do the Toefl exam?

If you are a person whose mother tongue is not English, you should take this test. Generally, Toefl must be done by people interested in studying, working or living in English-speaking countries. It is also a good way to demonstrate to the authorities the mastery of the language, it could facilitate the acquisition of work visas or permits for study.

The Toefl exam is also a good exercise to personally check the level of English we have and identify how we can improve it. Go ahead and make one of the best and most recognized English exams in the world.

What are the institutions that recognize the Toefl exam?

First it is important to know that there are countries that ask for the Toefl to opt for a visa, we mention the countries that currently lose this requirement as a requirement.

  • Australia : it is one of the countries that you ask for as a requirement to apply for student visas, the Toefl has the utility of certification for this type of visa in this country, it is important that you visit the website for visas in Australia directly
  • United Kingdom : when making the Toefl you can opt for a student visa level 4 in the United Kingdom, verify the conditions to apply for this type of visa
  • New Zealand : for the case of this beautiful country, characteristic for receiving FreeLancer workers from all over the world, the Toefl is valid for 2 years and you can opt for a qualified resident migratory visa. Likewise, we recommend you visit the official pages to obtain the visa in New Zealand

The Toefl also examines being able to be a requirement for a visa of different types, it is recognized in more than 150 countries around the globe and in more than 10 thousand university institutions. In the case of the United States, 90% of the universities admit the Toefl exam as proof of validation of the English language for foreign students.

How is the Toefl exam?

One of the most common concerns when considering the English proficiency exam of this level is how is the exam? Well, we describe the parts of the test so you do not get surprised when it’s time to do it, so you can prepare yourself much better to face it.

The Toefl exam is composed of 4 parts:

  1. Reading comprehension: it is about evaluating the level of interpretation of the evaluated. The Toefl exam will show you 3 to 4 paragraphs to later ask questions about what was mentioned in it. In this part the resolution time is evaluated and therefore the variability of the number of passages to be evaluated
  2. Auditory compression: it is about evaluating the capacity of the evaluated one to understand orally the expressions in the English language. The Toefl will present you conversations between people and academic classes, after the reproduction of each audio you will have to answer questions related to what you have just heard. The duration of each audio is not more than 5 minutes.
  3. Oral expression: it is one of the easiest parts if you master the language, they will ask you questions about a topic in which you have knowledge, you will have to answer in English. Pronunciation, coherence and vocabulary are evaluated.
  4. Written expression: it consists in demonstrating the ability to write in the English language in a coherent way, you will have to choose two subjects to make an essay in which you emit your option on the topics. In some cases, the submission of this part of Toefl in manuscript or handwriting is requested

Toefl exam presentation duration time

The Toefl is a test that requires time to be applied, has a total duration of 4 hours in which you should be focused on its 4 phases to get the best score. Andes to start the Toefl will give you all the indications you must follow throughout the test, it lasts 30 minutes, it is not included within the 4 effective hours to respond to the Toefl.

For reading comprehension, the stipulated time is 60 to 80 minutes to ask all the established questions. On the other hand, for the part of auditory compression the time offered is 60 to 90 minutes, do not worry about the times and focus on doing your best.

Oral expression lasts 10 to 20 minutes, really this part is easy and you can rest a bit from the previous stages, repones energy for written expression. This lasts 40 to 50 minutes, try to do it in a better time so you can read what is written.

Toefl Approval Score

The Toefl exam is a test that has a maximum score of 120 points, each part of the exam has a value of 30 points. The Toefl certifies you according to the score achieved, for that I create a series of intervals that give you the following levels:

  • Level B1: it is the minimum approval, it works for Europe, you must take between 57 and 86 points
  • Level B2: is between the scores between 87 and 109 points
  • Level C1: is the maximum level and is defined as total compression, the score should be 110 to 120 points.

You must consider that all the parts must have a score, if any of the parts remains in 0, they are automatically rejected. On the other hand, if the result is negative, you must wait 12 days to submit the Toefl exam again.